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Dear Mr. Keillor, I have

December 15, 2005 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I have been a truckdriver for 20-something years, which is how I
discovered your show long ago. I spend the early part of every Saturday search/seeking the FM band for the local NPR station in whatever state I happen to be moving through at the time. I have been known to linger at a fuel stop or rest area longer than intended, in order to hear the rest of the show, if it starts to fade out while I'm moving. Since we are usually in different time zones, I often call my husband (who also drives truck) to remind him to find his local NPR station, (if I'm ahead of him, time-zone wise) and not give away any of the stories.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing. is that we would like to come to your
show for our 20th anniversary in September, but unfortunately, we live in TEXAS, so don't expect to see you down here. We surely don't mind traveling to see you, but need to plan ahead so we can both be in the appropriate state at the same time. Any idea about mid September of 2006?

Thank you for miles and miles of great stories about people I feel I

Trish Dalton

Trish, it's good to know you're out there and thanks for letting us know. Our show comes to Austin, Texas, in June, and if you wanted to catch that, I'd be sure you had tickets. Or you could truck up here to the Minnesota State Fair around Labor Day weekend and catch the show then. We do it in front of the old grandstand where stockcar races used to take place and there still is some of the old track remaining so if you drove truck up here, there'd be a place to park. And we'd be sure to include a speeding semi in a script. Tom Keith does that sound very well, the Doppler effect and all. I imagine the sound of an airhorn coming from the radio would keep a lot of truckers awake on those long hauls. And congratulations on the upcoming anniversary.

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