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Dear Garrison, We were driving

December 12, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
We were driving back from Thanksgiving in Bigfork, Montana this weekend and were lucky enough to catch your show. While the snow blew across the road and we inched along I-90 at 15 MPH, my companions and I were actually thankful for the delay in our travel. You see, there's a spot between Bozeman and Billings that the radio doesn't come in so well. In the treacherous conditions Saturday we were comforted knowing we would catch all two hours of PHC before the signal gave out. Slowing down in life is good. Would you entertain the idea of a show in Billings?

Erica Heinz

Erica, I have sometimes thought, looking at the audience at the broadcast fidgeting in their seats, "You people would appreciate this show more if you were driving through a blizzard." That is why the New York audience is so lively and generous ----- they had to work hard to get into Manhattan from Morristown or Poughkeepsie or Scranton, coming through tunnels and over bridges and trying to find a place to park around Times Square, so that when, finally, the lights dim and the stage lights up and the band plays "Tishomingo Blues," they feel a great rush of pleasure. After hours of suffering and misery, finally, a little entertainment. I'm glad we could be there for you on I-90 and amuse you so that you weren't tempted to rush and thereby drive into the ditch and have to spend the night hanging upside down from your seatbelts.

I've been trying to get the show back to Montana, and this time we seem to be headed for Missoula. I hope we go soon, maybe this winter.

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