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Dear Garrison, I was thrilled

December 7, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
I was thrilled to be listening to your program on November 26, 2005, and hear you mention my grandfather! Stanley C. Johnston was Professor of Horticulture at MSU for many years, based in South Haven, MI., where he and my grandmother, Laura Johnston, lived on the South Haven Experimental Station. There he developed many strains of blueberries and peaches, including the Red Haven peach (as you mentioned), while my grandmother turned them into incredible pies and other goodies. My family and I are quite proud of him and it was great to hear his name on your show. Thanks!

Laura Johnston

Laura, you're exactly right to be proud. I would be, too, and my family would be proud of me, had I gone into horticulture. They were farmers and loved to garden and keep fruit trees. But I ate of the apple of comedy and had to leave the garden and go into radio. Not nearly as distinguished, and so we like to drop the names of distinguished people, as I did with your grandfather's.

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