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Dear Garrison, I first started

December 7, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
I first started listening to APHC nearly 30 years ago. I have listened over the years as the show has changed with the times. I am sending this simply as a gesture of appreciation. I don't need advice; I'm a Methodist. I don't need help with the direction of my life; the course is set. What I do need is to say that for years you have come into my home and have made me and my family laugh, sometimes cry, sing and even dance. I thank you for that. I only wish that we didn't grow old, that the world was a more peaceful place, and that I could get rhubarb pie locally. I have travelled to Lake Wobegon for it, but have gotten lost on the way.

Best regards,
Steve DeMarte
Raleigh, NC

Steve, glad that you don't need advice—I've given a lot of it lately and am almost out. And I hope that the direction of your life is such as to excite you about the future. The direction of my life is pretty much set too. I've tried to change direction several times and while it was educational and all, it was a big relief to get back to basics. It's lovely to think of your family listening to this show all these years and it's a thought that makes a man want to try harder.

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