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Dear Garrison, We're longtime listeners

November 29, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
We're longtime listeners of PHC and here in Massachusetts, where we love winter as much as those in Minnesota, we eat a lot of oatmeal. We're hoping to hear again on your show about "Mournful Oatmeal - the cereal of Calvinism." We think we heard this on a show where children were warned that an eyeball was about to be gouged out. Funny how somethings "stick" in your mind.

Evan (16), Dylan (12), Rachel (10), and Amy W. (we need not say), Newburyport, MA

I am sure that Mournful Oatmeal will be back as soon as the weather turns cold and Mr. Dworsky and I will get to sing the oatmeal jingle in our best Benedictine style. It is the oatmeal that provides ballast for life's journey to keep your center of gravity low and with ballast comes common sense, which is one reason we stopped waving sharp sticks around before we poked our eyes out. This summer I was about to peel an apple with a paring knife and I went to scratch my nose with the hand that held the paring knife and I came within an inch of gouging my eye out. Be careful.

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