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Dear Garrison, Some think that

November 23, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
Some think that conservative talk shows need some competition and while I have listened to the attempt by Al Franken to fill this niche, I am not enamored of the others on that network. Would you have any interest in trying this sort of thing?

Muriel Hackney
Ft. Myers, FL

Not me, Muriel. My interest in politics is fitful, to be honest with you. The right-wingers on AM radio are amazingly single-minded, like the old Leninists or like the guys on sports-talk radio. I like grassroots political stuff, going to a neighborhood rally, meeting people, standing around and shooting the breeze. I did a couple of those this fall, one for Chris Coleman who was elected mayor of St. Paul and who is just the sort of person who should be mayor, a guy who loves our city and enjoys the hubbub and is tireless and funny and very well-spoken. And another for Sandy Wollenschlager, who is running for legislature from down along the Mississippi south of Red Wing. She is young and big-hearted and as tall as I and I think she's going to be governor someday. I was proud to go speak in her behalf, but what's the pleasure of yammering about President Bush on the radio? I'd much rather talk about Lake Wobegon.

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