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Dear Garrison, I have a

November 8, 2005 |

Dear Garrison, I have a perplexing ecumenical and theological question for you. I am a Catholic taking a Lindy Hop East Coast Swing dance class at an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pasadena, California. My question is -- is there a deep, serious (perhaps "mortal") sin somewhere in the midst of all this? I know it is okay for us Catholics to dance, but our recently elected, more conservative Pontiff may not be too pleased I am dancing at a Lutheran Church. As for the Lutherans, is it okay to dance on Church property, let alone make money by selling these dance lessons? My concern is that I might be offending God, Pope Benedict XVI, Martin Luther, Charles Lindbergh (whom the Lindy Hop is named after), and the little old ladies of Pasadena -- all at the same time!

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Donald Bentley

Mr. Bentley, one could argue this question for a month of Sundays and not be happy with the answer, so I recommend that you go by the Scriptural injunction to be joyful and rejoice, and have a good time, and try not to step on any Lutheran feet. We've worried long enough about offending the Lord so maybe we should try enjoying Him. But don't tell the bishop I said so.

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