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Garrison, There are few things

November 1, 2005 |

Garrison, There are few things in life that remain constant. I have always counted on hearing the "News" during the second hour of your show to be one of them. Why the switch to the first half the last two weeks?

Rick Litman
Plymouth MN

Rick, You're right about there being few constants, though I can think of a number of them off the bat, including the St. Paul Cathedral, Raisin Bran, Frank Sinatra, and the pleasure of seeing a quarter on the sidewalk. We're seeing how the News from Lake Wobegon feels in the 2nd half-hour and so far we like it. Its presence in the 3rd half-hour was becoming shaky and it was getting shoved into the 4th and that sometimes meant that the News got squished. I'm too old to have to do what I did a few weeks ago and compress a 20-minute story into 10 and do it on the fly. It makes me feel pale and puny just thinking about it. The 4th half-hour feels like a steeplechase. The 2nd half-hour feels sort of leisurely and leisurely is good when it comes to telling a story.

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