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Dear Garrison— Thank you for

November 1, 2005 |

Dear Garrison— Thank you for helping me with my empty nest syndrome. My daughter went 1400 miles to Macalester College and is having such a good time she has forgotten to communicate with me. I listen to your show faithfully now so as to feel some connection to her. I fantasize that I will hear you read the words, "Hi Mom. Thanks for sacrificing all those years for me to have a good education and name-brand clothes." Well, I'll keep listening. Thanks again.

Glenda L.
Kennebunkport, ME.

Glenda, it's a chilly rainy fall day here in St. Paul and your beloved daughter at Macalester, a mile west of me, is probably homesick and missing you so keenly that she doesn't trust herself to call you and have a conversation without bursting into tears and causing you anxiety. And so this considerate young woman is toughing it out until she can get a good grip on the situation. She's growing up and this is what will make it possible for the two of you to be friends and that is going to amaze you.

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