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Dear Garrison, I have been

October 17, 2005 |

Dear Garrison, I have been out in San Diego now since 76' but will always be a Minnesotan, having grown up in St. Paul, and I remember taking the Randolph-Payne bus downtown to see movies at the World Theater (now the Fitzgerald). I love the show and try never to miss it. Thanks for bringing a little bit of home to me every week. Have a White Castle for me please. I remember the taste of one served right off the grill from a lady in a hair net with a mustache at 2 a.m. when you're drunk.

Bill Sweeney

You don't have to be drunk to enjoy a slider at 2 a.m., Bill. Once in a blue moon when I'm working late I get in the Castle mood and drive over to the one on Rice Street and order at the drive-up window ----- three double-cheeseburgers and a bag of onion chips and a large shake ----- and nosh on them as I drive home. I take the scenic route home because I don't want my wife to smell White Castles in the morning and give me a talk about nutrition, so I drive down along the Mississippi and park under the Robert Street bridge and watch the barges go by and enjoy these delicacies ----- a thin hamburger patty that contains a certain proportion of cereal filler, in a soft white bun ----- and then head home and back to the computer. I used to eat them after leaving a bar and then my bar-hopping days ended and now they're just as good to a sober man. I wish we still had Maid-Rites though, remember those? Sort of a sloppy joe franchise. And I miss the terrific coney islands served at the little joint on St. Peter Street across from Mickey's. I used to have three for lunch, hot dogs with that special sauce that I've never tasted since, a true elixir of St. Paul.

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