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Dear Garrison, My wife and

October 10, 2005 |

Dear Garrison, My wife and I were quite surprised at the plug for the Toyota Highlander Hybrid within the show last week ----- We are long term addicts of Prairie -- 25+ years -- and you have us captive for all the right reasons. Was your change to product placement due to financial extremity, or (as we hope) a momentary lapse?

Your slightly bewildered fans,
Bill & Elizabeth

Didn't mean to cause alarm, Bill & Elizabeth. If one of the vice-presidents of American Public Media had suggested to me that I mention Toyota on the show, I would've said no and never done it. And if Toyota had offered us money to do it, I would've said no. But when you're a guy in a room tapping at a laptop, nobody to tell you what to say or why, then sometimes you tap out a little tip of the hat to Toyota, as I did. It was simply to express pleasure that this fine company is underwriting our show. No money crossed palms, nobody went to play golf in Scotland, and if you should see me driving a Toyota around, please know that I paid full price.

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