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Hi Garrison, I'm a Duluthian

October 6, 2005 |

Hi Garrison, I'm a Duluthian now living in Le Muy, France. Ironing away in my little office, in no time at all, I'm back home as I listen to your descriptions of Minnesota (I especially liked your description of going fishing with your uncle -the aluminum boat, the smell of the gas motor, the lily-pads... I did the same with my dad. You bring me home every time I listen. Thanks.

Kim Tarrillion
Le Muy, France

Kim, it's more than slightly amazing to think of you in France tuning in to the goings-on at the Fitzgerald Theater, but that's the wonder of radio, enhanced even more by the Internet. When I was a kid, I lay in bed and listened to Little Rock and Cincinnati and Nashville, places as foreign to me as Le Muy. It's nice to know people are still doing that, except on a larger scale. If I were ever in France and heard PHC, I would faint from confusion. But you're at home there and so you take these things in stride.

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