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Dear Mr. Keillor, Attended the

October 4, 2005 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
Attended the Street Dance & Meatloaf Dinner outside the Fitz last night after the broadcast, and thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings. Wanted to share a few thoughts with you:

1) My companion and I really dug the meatloaf; we heard it was made with wild rice. Since I'm slowly teaching myself to cook, is there a good meatloaf recipe you can recommend?

2) I realize when you're up there on the stage with the lights blinding you, it's sometimes tough to remember there's people duking it out in the gutter below for a shot at some mashed potatoes, but I have one word for you: Stanchions. Ironically, this is probably the least of the problems faced by large groups of Midwesterners in close quarters (we naturally form neat lines, as you know), but nevertheless, we're a bit challenged when trying to queue up between dancers happily flinging their limbs akimbo to the sounds of your band's driving beat. Do you want me to bring some short poles and rope next year?

3) I was shocked to see that Prudence Johnson wasn't sporting a wedding ring. Was it being cleaned, perhaps? Let's face it, she should wear one for sheer self-protection, since at this very moment there are at least 10 attractive, neat, kind, funny men of comfortable means in the suburbs who would grovel at the chance to be seen with such a lovely woman. And she sings, too!

4) My boyfriend placed 3rd in the "Mr. Wonderful" contest, which was absolutely terrific and will doubtless be recounted at family gatherings for many years to come. I note, however, that despite our running on a platform of "hubba-hubba", bolstered by your own writings, we were bested by the "cleans bathrooms" and "good father" campaigns. I guess we're still in our honeymoon phase even after 2 years; perhaps there'll come a time when his cleaning the bathroom will excite the both of us as much as a little nookie.

All the best,

Sara, you and your sinfully handsome boyfriend were a big hit at the Street Dance and thanks for fighting your way to the stage and talking your way into the Mr. Wonderful contest. Had I been judging, you would have scored higher than No. 3 and the prize would have been bigger than the measly $20 you got. But that is water under the bridge. Prudence Johnson is married, so far as I know. I see her often and I keep forgetting to ask. Perhaps her wedding ring is flesh-colored. As for the meatloaf recipe, there are thousands of them, and my recommendation is to be wary of fancy ones that toss in, say, pimentos or chunks of pineapple or in which the recipe calls for marjoram, rosemary, and sage tied up in a cheesecloth. Or marinating. There is never any marinating with a meatloaf. I like mine ever so slightly pinkish, but will take it any way it comes.

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