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Hello Garrison, I have

September 29, 2005 |

Hello Garrison,
I have so many feelings since returning from the PHC cruise so I wrote this little poem.


Twenty-four hours since on the ship
And yet I'm rocking, rocking still.
Lazy ceiling fan above my desk moves
Port to starboard, port to starboard.
I want to harmonize on one more chorus -
"Rolling home, rolling home..."

Familiar sheets and old down pillows
And yet I'm rocking, rocking still.
My back recalls a well-made bed
On the Main Deck 5, far back in the aft.
Though "Many thousand miles behind us,"
I am at home, I am at home.

Red book of sea songs here beside me
While I lie rocking, rocking still.
Instead of sleeping, recollecting
Half the faces, all the laughs.
I've almost memorized the second verse -
Oh no, "It is time to say adieu."

Diana Blair Revell
Brentwood, TN

Diana, I'm glad you liked that song, "Rolling Home To Old New England," although somebody told me that the correct title is "Rolling Home To Nova Scotia" ----- I did too and had a lovely time on the ms Maasdam with all of you, especially the communal singing and the talent show and of course the heated saltwater pool on the aft deck, which is my new standard for utter hedonistic pleasure. It was a great group, the 1200 of us, and that was what made the trip. I can't wait for the next one.

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