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Dear Garrison, My dad is

September 26, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
My dad is a newly retired high school English teacher (33 years!) from Minnesota. We're throwing him a retirement party in October and my three brothers and I want to get him something very special for the occasion, but are at a loss for any brilliant ideas. The other night in bed it occurred to me that you would be the authority on this matter and maybe my salvationist. Can you help me out? I anxiously await your response.

Kate Parent
Colfax, WI.

Kate, What your dad would like, I'm sure, is a good speech by you at the party, which is funny and sentimental and admiring and also gives the old guy a poke or two. You've got plenty of time to come up with something good. Write it out, make it about ten minutes long, and rehearse it a couple times so you can do it without notes. And if you'd like something from me, I'd happily send you a copy of GOOD POEMS FOR HARD TIMES autographed for your dad and if you give me some info about him, I'll try to write a limerick on his name. But your speech is the best gift.

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