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Hi Garrison -A few seasons

September 19, 2005 |

Hi Garrison -A few seasons back, you mentioned that you had hired some local co-writers for the first time in the history of the show. You also said that you weren't sure how it would work out, and that it was sort of an experiment. Well, is the experiment over, and if so, how did it work out?

Jeff, some writers came in, some writers wandered out, others came, some are still here (last I looked), and I look forward to starting a new season September 24 with whoever wants to be aboard. It's hard writing for a show like this. I guess it is. People say so. I don't find it so. The problem may be that comedy is a young person's sport and nobody writing comedy is old enough to remember radio. Anybody writing comedy would give their left ankle to have a job on one of the enormous committees that write sitcoms. I don't know anything about sitcoms and don't care for committees. I would give my left ankle to have written for Bob & Ray. So there's the difference. Maybe I'm the last harnessmaker in town and everybody else is making belts and suspenders. I'd love it if someone would walk in and take over writing the show ----- except for the News from Lake Wobegon, of course ---- those are my people ----- and I could become an innocent bystander.

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