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Mr. K. I finally tired

September 14, 2005 |

Mr. K.
I finally tired of the radio station in my kitchen playing classic rock from the 70's and 80's. I think I have heard all they have to offer and in trying to remember my childhood in Minnesota I became bored. I switched to our more local NPR station and heard a rebroadcast Saturday and Sunday morning of your PHC. Hearing the accent really reminded me of growing up in Biwabik and Silver Bay. Anyway, my question is this, have you ever ventured north to Isabella to go fishing or camping? My Gramma had a live bait and tackle shop in Isabella for years and years. She was a very manly woman I must say and very tough indeed. She caught all her own minnows, etc. and fished a lot. Her name was Dorothy Bildeaux.

Judy McGarry
Lewiston Idaho

Judy, I never camped at Isabella, and now I'm sorry I didn't. Dorothy sounds like someone a person ought to meet if you want to tell stories someday. I only drove through Isabella once on my way to Ely to go canoeing, which wasn't all that much fun, as I recall, probably because we had no Dorothy along to keep our spirits up. We paddled north, portaged six or seven times, ate bad food for a week, suffered from deerflies, worried about bears, and were glad to return to the Cities. I'm sure that your aunt would've had a different perspective on it all.

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