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Good Afternoon Mr. Keillor, Perhaps

September 8, 2005 |

Good Afternoon Mr. Keillor,
Perhaps your most enthusiastic young fan is my 12-year-old son, Graham, who has been listening to you since before birth. (During pregnancy, he'd kick at the sound of your voice, I kid you not.)

Now in the seventh grade, the boy comes home every school day to play your 25th Anniversary Collection. And while you're very, very good, Mr. Keillor, you're not THAT good. My own sanity requires this child diversify.

Here's my question: What other audio humorists would you recommend for my quirky, playful pre-teen? In other words, to whom do you listen? I think a suggestion to try someone else might work if it comes from you rather than from mom.

Desperate Housemother,
Kim Hines
Evans, GA

Kim, you should send him to the old masters, Bob and Ray. They will make your boy forget all about me and learn to imitate Wally Ballou and Mary McGoon and do the Slow Talker routine and talk about the giant komodo dragon and so forth. Just go to the official website,, and take advantage of their summer sale, which ends September 9th. You can purchase Bob and Ray by the carload.

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