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Hi Garrison, I just wanted

September 6, 2005 |

Hi Garrison,
I just wanted to thank you for being a link to home and family for me. I'm 22 and from a small town of 2700 in central Illinois. I moved to San Francisco three weeks ago, and this Sunday turned on your show. I never expected your voice to affect me so much, but the minute I heard your comforting tone I began to cry from homesickness for the first time. My dad and I listened to your show together on the weekends and on family road trips. We really appreciate being able to sit and laugh together, and we both love it when there's country and bluegrass musicians on the show. So thank you again for reminding me the midwest is still out there and home isn't really that far away.

Megan Weekley
San Francisco

Megan, you're far more adventurous than I was at the age of 22, moving halfway across the country, and you've earned the right to be homesick. And then let San Francisco make its way into your heart, as it surely will. You can listen to the show as you pedal your bicycle across the Golden Gate and down to Sausalito and then take the ferry back to the city. This is a wonderful jaunt that gives you a little exercise and some terrific views and fills your lungs with salt air. And whatever it was that drew you there, I trust will turn out well for you. We Midwesterners are highly adaptable people who are able to settle in strange territory, listen and learn, and acclimatize quickly. Good luck to you, Beautiful.

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