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Hello Garrison, I thoroughly enjoyed

August 25, 2005 |

Hello Garrison,
I thoroughly enjoyed the "Listeners' Choice" show this past weekend. This format was much more enjoyable than say, listening to an old show from the past, no offense intended.

It was just a nice mix of really old stuff and kind of old stuff. Plus it was fun listening to your voice change over the years. My wife thinks your voice nowadays is more "rich" and has "more depth," whatever that means...

Kevin Kapp
Prescott, Arizona

Kevin, I skipped the Listener's Choice show. My choice is always to focus on the present and the future and avoid unpleasant reminders of the past, such as very old broadcasts in which one's voice sounds like a terrified entrant in the 4-H Speaking Contest or sometimes a duck on nitrous oxide. But I'm glad you enjoyed listening to it. And thank your wife for her kind thoughts. One would want to have a richer voice, I think, though one wouldn't want it to get plummy like Orson Welles's or Charles Laughton's. I recall that Charles Laughton came on the old Ed Sullivan show a few times, reading from the Old Testament. There he was, a big pork pie of a man sandwiched between a chimpanzee act and the McGuire Sisters, standing at a lectern and intoning a psalm in a voice loaded with gravy. People loved to listen to vowels back then, I guess.

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