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Hi Garrison. Three years ago,

August 22, 2005 |

Hi Garrison.
Three years ago, my son Jeff and I were listening to "Prairie Home" as we drove through northern Nebraska on our way to Mount Rushmore. Jeff is 27 and has Down's Syndrome and every year we take a trip together. Just outside of O'Neill, Nebraska, you gave us a sweet rendition of the tune "Remember Me" and I found myself crooning along with you as we sprinted through the Nebraska countryside. My son then joined in with the lines, "Remember me, when the candle lights are gleaming... Remember me, at the close of a long long day...It would be so sweet, when all alone I'm dreaming...Just to know you still remember me". I'll always treasure that memory of my son's singing along with you and me. Thanks.

Dennis McNiel
Lawrence, KS

I learned that song from Bill Hinkley and Judy Larson, Dennis, who sang it on the show back around the time Jeff was born. It was written by an old radio singing couple, Lulu and Scotty, I believe. My first wife loved the song and I think of her when I sing, "Once you promised me that you'd be mine forever/And I'd be yours to the end of eternity./But all those vows are broken now and we can never/Be the same except in memory."

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