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August 15, 2005 |

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My husband and I are known to schedule our Saturdays around your show (something we do not do for TV programs, even our favorites). Being the literary one, I live for the most recent "lake news" and my husband thrives on your musical guests. Recently, we heard the most glorious sound coming from our radio, it haunted my husband and today he found it on your website: "Atlanta Twilight Waltz". Please tell us on what CD it is published. Or if it isn't, it surely should be... he's been playing that portion of your show over and over and overů

Stephanie Bullwinkel
Lemont, IL

Stephanie, "Atlanta Twilight Waltz" was written by Richard Dworsky on the morning of that show, in honor of our being in Atlanta in June. It isn't on any CD as yet, but surely it will be.

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