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July 28, 2005 |

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I hear Lindsay Lohan has been tearing through your humble city and making a complete fool of herself. It was a huge mistake that she was cast in your film. Evan R. Wood would have been a much better choice — she's a sophisticated young actress who actually has talent and isn't just the flavor of the month. What's done is done, let's pray for the best.

Syd Willon

Syd, Miss Lohan has left town and St. Paul is sort of proud to have had her here, I think. I didn't hear anything about her tearing around. I thought she did well on the set, did her lines with real style and passion, was a pro, belted out "Frankie and Johnny" and "Red River Valley," and all of us around the movie set smile at the mention of her name and sort of miss her. Maybe I'm a complete fool but that's my feeling about it.

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