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July 25, 2005 |

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Our parrots have voted, year after year, for PHC as their favorite radio show. When your theme song starts, our cockatoo raises her crest in approval. Their favorite part is the Powder Milk Biscuit song: she and the macaw bounce up and down in time to the music, flap their wings, and hop from one foot to the other. It's infectious: my wife and I dance along, flapping our arms and singing the words, and if the neighbors ever see us doing this out on our patio we might be committed. Our only problem with this is when the musicians really get into the groove and jam too long. The parrots can flap their wings forever, but we get tired out.

Chris Mason
Mount Dora, FL

We are ever curious about our audience, Chris, especially so since the audience sitting in front of us in the theater is rather decorous and sedate. We always suspected that the audience at home was up to something, and now you have clarified the whole matter beautifully: they are dancing with birds. Knowing this will make it harder to keep my mind on the lyrics, but I'll do my best. And if you are committed to an institution, I hope you get to take the parrots, cockatoo, and macaw with you.

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