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Post to the Host: Sue

July 19, 2005 |

Post to the Host:
Sue Scott really nailed the South Carolina accent in last week's Guy Noir episode. I have a friend from South Carolina and Sue sounded just like her. Often when non-Southerners try to imitate a Southern accent they go over the top but Sue hit it right on!

Doug Kiracofe
Midlothian, Virginia (near Richmond)

We were staying at a Ramada Inn in Spartanburg that weekend, Doug, and I believe that Sue and Tim Russell pick up their accents from waitresses and bartenders, sometimes from the hotel housekeeping staff. The Southern accent has gotten a little more rare — it's been going south for sometime — but waitresses get into it real good. And bless your heart for writing. And you all have a real nice day, you hear?

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