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Hello Garrison, I was driving

July 18, 2005 |

Hello Garrison,
I was driving in Spartanburg, SC last Saturday when your show came on from "Sparkle City." I was about to go into my storage space in a warehouse, so I stopped at the Dollar General nearby and bought a three-dollar radio and four Xtra Heavy Duty batteries for a dollar. I had a hard time getting the signal inside the warehouse. After several attempts at raising the radio toward the ceiling as high as I could and balancing it on whatever I could find, making contact between the antenna and the metal building, I paused to rethink my strategy and casually laid the radio down on some clothes in a plastic hanging bag. Voila! The signal came in perfectly. Who knew?

I was able to hear the rest of the show while sorting through a variety of stored possessions. I found things I had not seen in quite some time. And it was a wonderful surprise to hear Baker Maultsby sing his song about the four WalMarts. He played drums for me in a band performance here a couple of years ago. I didn't even know he also sings
and writes!

Thanks for another great show.

Jennifer Prince

Jennifer, we are ever curious about our audience at home and what they're doing and now we have a clearer picture. Some of them are dancing with birds and others are sorting through stuff stored in a warehouse. As for Baker, he was a delight. Of course people have always underestimated drummers. Many of them can sing and most of them can write. Many of them can write whole paragraphs. Now maybe someone will explain why Spartanburg is called "Sparkle City". Do they mine mica there?

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