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Sir, I again missed your

July 12, 2005 |

I again missed your show today, another Saturday shot to hell. You and your cast and guests are very entertaining and I have enjoyed many hours of your shows. But I gave you up a few months ago, because you too often spoil the show for me, by the interjection of politics. You have every right to do that, of course. Feel free. But also realize that you lose listeners, at least you lost one. Three, if you count my two dogs.

I wish you felt it necessary just to entertain, not to persuade your listeners to a political point of view, or rail against someone you politically dislike. I wonder, would you have been so bold when you were an unknown, trying to establish the success you've now achieved?

Thank you for all the past enjoyment. I wish you continued success.

Brian Heintzelman
Salado, Texas

You missed a good show, Brian, but I'm sure that life is rich and varied enough in Salado without the radio. And I'm not sure that, in your current mood, you would have enjoyed the show. There was nothing political in it, no hook to hang your unhappiness on. We had a fine old time.

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