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Dear Garry, Loved the show

July 5, 2005 |

Dear Garry,
Loved the show at Blossom! Great job on making Cuyahoga Falls the Niagara of the Midwest. I did want to fill you in on the geography lesson, however. Like you, once a visitor to the Sheraton Suites with the great view from the restaurant, I thought THAT was the Falls, slow and gradual. Actually, the Falls are in the State Park about 2 blocks away — a great hiking area in an area where ancient Indians lived. And there is the Falls, well over 100 feet STRAIGHT DOWN (but as yet undeveloped by tourism....).

Joe Belinsky
N. Canton, OH

Joe, I knew I was in rough water when I described the Falls as more of a horizontal falls, or rapids, and I appreciate the information that there is indeed a major vertical segment, but the local boosters advertise the Falls as being higher than Niagara with a drop of 220 feet, and so they have included a long stretch of rapids along with the 100-foot cataract. In any case, my proposal on the show was that the Falls be built up to 2000 feet, and I am going to stand firm on that.

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