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June 30, 2005 |

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I am the mother of four and am intrigued by your daughter's name, and would like to know the story behind it. My children's names, in case you were wondering, are Victoria Caroline (I was a Victorian lit. major), Madeleine Alexandra (my mom is named Sandra), Jackson Peter (my grandmother's maiden name was Jackson) and William Henry (named for paternal grandfather but called "Liam"). Thank you for not naming your child Deadly Nightshade or Cookie or Wobegon. I hope she is suitably grateful when she is older.

Christine Barr
Paris TN

My little girl is named for her maternal great-grandmother, who was Swedish and whose nickname was Maia because she was born in May, and for my mother, Grace. I always thought that Grace was an elegant old name and it's nice to run into a few young Graces, including one in my daughter's class. Maia is not only found in Scandinavia but in Greece and India and probably other places too. She writes it with a nice flourish, in a big bold hand.

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