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Dear Garrison. I just finished

June 29, 2005 |

Dear Garrison.
I just finished your reading of "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn." I was entranced by your voice and cadence and was very sorry that Mr. Twain didn't have more to say so you could continue reading; I was that drawn in by your storytelling. Will you be reading any more classic tales?

Pam Miller
Valencia, CA

Pam, I tried to do Huck Finn in something like a midwestern twang and follow Twain's great loping cadences and after recording the book (severely abridged in the latter chapters) I was all hot and wired-up about it and did a couple performances and then decided I didn't want to try to replace Hal Holbrook, and went back to Lake Wobegon. I am recording the Gospels at the moment and I'd love to do a set of classic pieces of American humor and also "Sister Carrie" sometime.

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