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One recent bill before the

June 27, 2005 |

One recent bill before the NC state legislature has to do with bbq sauce. The state is divided against itself almost directly in half, the eastern portion eschewing catsup and the western half saying that without catsup it isn't sauce and without the sauce there is no bbq. This is a dilemma for Guy Noir. A visit from your crew may be necessary to unravel this earth-shattering problem. Is A Prairie Home Companion ever coming to Raleigh?

Jeanne Severin-Hansen
Knightdale, NC

I'm a Democrat and so divisiveness is something I'm familiar with and not perturbed by. And barbecue is important and worth a full and frank debate. I myself can enjoy either the ketchuppy sauce or the vinegary kind. You don't find the latter here in the Midwest, only the sweet kind, but a gang of North Carolinians drove up to S.D. for our Mitchell show in early May and barbecued a whole hog in the parking lot for us and their sauce was vinegary and people stood around and ate it until only a skeleton was left. I can't speak for the others but that sauce made me awfully happy. And the vegetarians among us dribbled the sauce onto their cole slaw and liked that. May many sauces flow. And I hope we make it to Raleigh soon.

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