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June 23, 2005 |

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I am traveling from Arizona to Massachusetts to celebrate my prized grandson's Bar Mitzvah. We have tickets for our family for your show at Tanglewood on July 2...these Wil requested as one of his gifts to go see that "Guy Noir" guy. My query is, how do I submit a card so that my grandson, Wil, will be recognized on this show?

Coralee Edwards
Willcox, AZ

Coralee, bring the boy down to the stage during the intermission and hand him up to me. I'm the guy in the black suit and the red shoes. Put a sticker on Wil that says Wil and of course a yarmulke wouldn't hurt. I'll show the bar mitzvah boy to the crowd and we can all sing "For he is Coralee's grandson" to the tune of "For he's a jolly good fellow" and then I'll give him back. If he wanted, he could tell the joke about the bees who go to the bar mitzvah and wear yarmulkes so nobody will think they're wasps.

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