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Dear Mr. Keillor, The show

June 16, 2005 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
The show in Cuyahoga Falls was GREAT, and I always enjoy seeing the shows live. Two friends and myself drove all the way up from Virginia to see the show, we were lucky in being able to land seats 12 rows back, and the three of us had a blast. I was able to get Richard Dworsky's autograph, which was very exciting, and I was going to get Fred's but a lot of people flocked around him. The only disappoint was at the end of the show, we were waiting outside in the VIP section to meet you, but were told you wouldn't be able to come out because you were feeling unwell due to the heat. I do hope you're feeling better. I myself realized that wearing a shirt and tie with a brown sports coat wasn't the best of ideas, especially with the humidity that day. I hope I can catch up with you one of these days. At any rate, I do have a question, I noticed that just before "Lives of the Cowboys" you put a hunk of something in your mouth, and I noticed you did this at the last show I saw just before the same section. What was it exactly you were "chewing" on? (Don't worry, if it was chewing tobacco you won't be letting me down, I myself am a pipe smoker!)

Aaron Tomlin
Madison Heights VA

Aaron, I apologize for not coming out to meet you. The problem wasn't heat, it was a bad back, and I didn't see how I could shake hands while lying prone on my back, so I just lay on the floor of the dressing room and enjoyed looking at the ceiling for an hour. I recommend this, by the way. The thing I stuck in my mouth was a wad of paper torn off a script. I can't play Lefty in "The Lives of the Cowboys" without a wad in my cheek to give him that laconic drawl.

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