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Garrison, We are so looking

April 20, 2005 |

We are so looking forward to your upcoming show in Norfolk, Virginia. We haven't missed one yet. Though, this time we will be sitting in the nosebleed seats in the balcony because the day the tickets went on sale, I couldn't remember our ticketmaster password to buy them and ended up setting up a whole new account just before they were all sold out. Old age and technology can be a real challenge sometimes! We're excited to see that Robin and Linda Williams will be with you in Norfolk. Any change Mavis and Marvin Smiley might make an appearance? Be safe in your travels and we'll see you soon.

Paula Caplinger

Paula, a similar thing happened to me in New York. Got tangled up in technology and was a day late and a dollar short and wound up sitting in the back of the theater for the play "Doubt" by John Patrick Shanley but the play was so riveting, especially the performance by Cherry Jones, that it didn't matter. Sat in the fourth row the night before and saw another play and couldn't wait for intermission. My most indelible opera experience was at the Met, the very back row, with the ceiling within arm's reach, seeing Renee Fleming and Susan Graham in "Der Rosenkavalier" a couple years ago. I will think of you while writing the Norfolk show and strive to do things that carry to the back. And I hope Marvin and Mavis will put in an appearance.

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