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Post to the Host: Love

April 8, 2005 |

Post to the Host:
Love the show. Do you think you might have been the model for the feckless "Steve" in Berkley Breathed's comic strip, Opus? The similarity of physical characteristics is amazing (at least to your younger image from years ago).

If this were true, would you consider it a compliment?

Chuck of Garden Grove CA

I am utterly ignorant about comic strips, Chuck. I loved them for years and then got shamed out of reading them and haven't recovered. So Mr. Breathed's work is all new to me. Like South America or the novels of Cormac McCarthy or rock climbing or Scientology or the Cosmopolitan. We all walk a narrow path in life and there are mountain ranges we will never explore. Pretty much everything going on in mathematics today, for example. But a smart colleague has stuck her head in the door and I asked her and she says, "No. Not at all."

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