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Garrison: I heard about an

April 6, 2005 |

I heard about an elderly woman who underwent sugery for what was thought to be cancer and turned out to be histoplasmosis which she contracted from airborne chicken poop. Her bachelor son lived with her because of trauma received from a hold-up at the gun store where he was employed and subsequently could no longer work. So he raised show chickens in the basement of his mother's house which led to her illness. The relatives, being finally pissed off, made the son get rid of the chickens and clean out the basement.

I am thinking that they might be from Lake Wobegon. Have you heard of that family before?

Candy B.

Candy B, these don't sound like Wobegonians to me, raising chickens in the basement. My people don't live with edible animals, as a rule. The Norwegians did, in the Old Country, live in homes attached to barns, or upstairs from barns, but this was given up when they came to America. I've never seen a house connected to a chickenhouse or barn. I suspect that the folks you mention are living in the city, where raising chickens is against the law, and that's why they keep them indoors. Not a good idea, for man, woman, or chicken. I love the phrase "show chickens," though, and have admired them at the Minnesota State Fair. Such beautiful critters, with lovely feathery slacks and anklets.

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