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Post to the Host: Hi.

March 25, 2005 |

Post to the Host:
Hi. Earlier today, I was listening to the rerun of the 11/1/03 show and I really liked Adam Granger's song "Mr. and Mrs. Jones." I went to look him up on your website to see if he had a CD and lo, he wasn't even listed as a participant. A site search revealed that he had sung that tune on a broadcast the previous May. His performance and Howard Levy's rendition of "Bei mir bist du schoen" seemed to have been spliced into the tape of the later show. What gives? (Not a complaint, just curious.)

Andy Moore
Brookline, MA

We edit the reruns around here now, Andy. We used to recycle them as is but I decided that one should never pass up an opportunity to make improvements and so I told Scott Rivard, our technical director, who produces the reruns, to cut out the topical stuff and the sketches that tanked and the monologues that misfired and replace them with quality goods like the songs you mentioned. Scott is more the purist than I, but he went along with this. There were a lot of good shows in which I poked fun at a man who was governor of Minnesota at the time, and now he's out of office and who cares? So we snip out a few minutes here and a few minutes there and stick in "Bei mir bist du schoen" and make a good show even better. Nobody notices because Rivard is a great editor. Nobody except obsessive pedants and Webheads and also fine people like you, Andy.

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