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Mr. Keillor: My husband and

March 16, 2005 |

Mr. Keillor:
My husband and I love your show. We are part of a small theater group and wonder — have you ever thought of writing a play based on your characters? If so — since we are a small town theater group and your characters are from a small town — let us do your premiere.

Catharine Lockwood
DeRidder, La.

Catharine, how did you know? I've wanted to write a play for as long as I can remember and I've started writing one, based on a few chapters of a novel called "Wobegon Boy". I went sailing along for a few scenes and had a big time and then, when the going started to get tough, I found a way to start working on other stuff. I am a master of this. That's why I intend to become a weekly newspaper columnist, so I'll always have something to escape to and avoid doing what's hard. But I haven't given up on the play. And as for the premiere, I've promised a company in Chicago that they get a first look at it. Sorry. They didn't pay me any money or anything — just expressed interest, as you do — and I was so grateful I told them they could have it.

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