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Dear Mr. Keillor, I love

March 10, 2005 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I love the radio show and look forward to listening every week, but my wife has no interest in it due to "a preponderence of dreaded bluegrass" and she thinks Guy Noir is "dopey." Nonetheless, she is a fine mother to my children and her employer has the good health insurance. If I listen alone in the bedroom I'm considered antisocial and if I try listening in the family room I get the skunk-eye.

Any advice will be carefully considered.

Mark Trail
Redwood Valley CA

Mark, your wife is a fine woman and able to make up her own mind about things and I would never presume to argue with her, nor should you, but a little disharmony can spark up a marriage and you shouldn't hesitate to walk around the house, smiling, tapping your foot, with a pair of headphones on, and let her see you enjoying yourself. A little mystery sparks up a marriage, too. Lovers can disagree on all sorts of things, and often do, and when they do, and still survive, they strike a blow for freedom in this great land. Freedom is not for the timid. Take cheerful pleasure in disagreement. Don't be cowed.

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