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Dear Garrison, Two of my

March 4, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
Two of my life's goals were achieved this past weekend. I was able to meet a Playboy Playmate, Miss March 2005, from the St. Louis area. The next day I met my literary hero, Mr. Garrison Keillor. As a soon-to-be 30-year-old still single male, whose friends are all married with children, I find myself exploring all my interests and hobbies more than ever recently. I have not been an avid reader of Playboy, but on occasion, well, hey, I am a male and single and the articles sometimes are really well written. (God rest Dr. H. S. Thompson.) I heard on the local radio that Miss March 2005 was going to be signing autographs on Saturday afternoon at a local Harley Davidson shop. I made my way down there and stood in line for an hour with smelly old bikers and perverted teenagers. She was charming and cute. One word though: Airbrush! On my way home I tuned into my Saturday evening radio ritual, P.H.C. During one of the commercial breaks the announcer stated that you would be performing with the St. Louis Symphony on Sunday night. WOW! The performance was WONDERFUL! I didn't realize how tall you are!

Tyler Turner
St. Louis

You're a man of wide-ranging interests, Tyler, and that's good. A man shouldn't diminish his perspective by following a narrow path in life. You want to follow your nose and poke around in life's many interesting little corners. To read well-written articles AND listen to public radio AND to go out of your way to encourage a local girl who made good — all admirable. Yes, I am tall, compared to some people. But airbrushing isn't going to do much for me, Tyler. This is the face I got from walking into walls and I'll just have to live with it.

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