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February 17, 2005 |

Post to the Host:
I like the ditty at the end of the Ketchup Advisory Board segments, so I wrote one:

These are the good years,
We're planning lots of trips.
Our condo has cable,
Our friends all have new hips.
Life's like ketchup
On my fish & chips.

Betsy Ellis
Apple Valley, MN.

Bravo, Betsy. You have a knack for writing tercets. It's like a lot of knacks in that it has no practical application, but there it is and it's good to use it now and then. Writing the occasional tercet (or couplet or quatrain) helps to occupy your mind on those long trips or while recuperating from hip surgery, it creates no waste by-products other than a sheet of used paper, and it can amuse other people — for example, by making them think of fish and chips as they come out of the anesthesia or as they come out of Iowa. And thanks for that.

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