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Hello Garrison: My fiancÚ (Johanna)

February 14, 2005 |

Hello Garrison:
My fiancÚ (Johanna) and I are very excited to be going on the Prairie Home Companion cruise in August from Boston to the Atlantic provinces — I've listened to the show since I was a teenager — and we both thought it would be nice to perhaps get married on board the ship, since we are hoping to "tie the knot" sometime this year. Jokingly, Johanna said why don't you see if Garrison could marry us since I've been a devoted fan for more than 25 years. "Yeah, right," I responded. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

Don Cadoret
Tiverton, R.I.

Don, the cruise in August will have a fully-accredited Lutheran minister aboard and if you want to get married, he'd be the man to speak to. Pastor Westphal is experienced and he'd get through the ceremony gracefully and in short order and his brief homily would be to the point. Of course he needs to know who he's marrying — he's not a vending machine — and that takes time and I don't know if Lutheran ministers do pre-nuptial counseling by e-mail or not. He would probably counsel you to have your wedding in the company of friends and family, so that the people you will depend on in time of trouble can also share in your joy. It only makes sense. A ship at sea is a romantic idea for a wedding, I'm sure, but a Lutheran minister is going to advise you to be practical. It's just his nature. Plus which the cruise will be heavily populated by Republicans from the deep South. That's why the cruise sold out so quickly. Wealthy right-wingers bought up almost all the cabins so that they could have seven days in which to pay me back for little remarks I've made on the show. If they are the ones you want at your wedding, well, there they are.

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