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Garrison: As many years as

February 9, 2005 |

As many years as I have listened to your show, I have yet to hear a single barbershop group. With as much acapella music as you and the Hopeful Gospel Quartet perform, surely you have a love for good, old-fashioned Barbershop.

Bryan Fantoni

Bryan: You're right, we've neglected barbershop. We've had four or five groups on, but it's been years. Last fall I was on a plane and a woman handed me a CD of her Sweet Adelines chorus from New Jersey and they were phenomenal. Something chilling and trembly when forty ladies hit that flatted seventh (or whatever the money chord is) and knock it out of the park. I will strive to pursue this matter, Bryan, and if I continue to be neglectful, don't hesitate to write again with a little more ferocity.

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