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Dear Host — How about

February 8, 2005 |

Dear Host —
How about a spoiler alert before blowing the surprise endings of films? I sorta wanted to see "Million Dollar Baby" and make up my own mind. Sorry you didn't like it, but everybody has their own likes and dislikes.

Bad Host! Bad Host!

Anne Foster
Post, N.Y.

Anne, I don't apologize. Sometimes we have to intervene and keep the people we love from walking into a ditch. So we erect a barrier. We put up a sign: Beware Of Dog. We don't let people experience the shock and awe of meeting the dog unexpectedly. When Hillary Swank walked away from the evil boxer after the bell and the boxer walked over and whaled on her and she fell and hit her head on the stool and became a quadriplegic, it was so utterly wrong, wrong, wrong. First of all, the evil boxer was wrong, and then the foul was blatant beyond belief, and then the stool was conveniently in the right spot to snap Miss Swank's neck. Sorry, but it's just bad writing. The story makes no sense. Not my fault. It's a huge cheat. The writer had a good story going and then he decided to switch over to mythology. That's my opinion. If you want to see a great tragedy, catch "Hamlet". He dies in the end, and so does Laertes, and Gertrude, and Ophelia, and knowing this will not really detract from your pleasure. You will be fully engrossed.

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