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Dear Garrison, I really enjoyed

January 25, 2005 |

Dear Garrison,
I really enjoyed the New Years show. Your producer found wonderful clips, some of which I remembered, some not. The show reminded me of a character that we don't seem to hear from anymore... Larry in the basement. I miss Larry and his morose way of going through life. Is he still down there in the cellar? Will we hear from him again? Or has the door to the basement been padlocked?

Jim Patterson
La Pointe, WI

Jim, we've looked in the basement, back in the corner, near the washtubs, and haven't seen Larry back there, but we haven't given up hope. He and his cats may have gone south for the winter. Or there may be catacombs that we don't know about. We can smell him, but we can't see him.

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