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January 24, 2005 |

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OK...this is a longshot...

I can't remember when, and I can't remember the guy's name, so if you can remember, it would be great. I'm trying to remember who it was that read his own rendition of certain Hebrew laws taken from the Old Testament. It was so funny, and I just can't remember who he was or which show to look up on this website to find that reading! It was so perfect! If you can remember who he was, it would be great!

Bonnie Zeron
Bayonne, NJ

Bonnie, I remember it well. It was Ian Frazier and the piece was "Lamentations of a Father" and it was on our show five or six years ago and it was hilarious, a classic. Look it up in one of his collections. Frazier wrote a great book of humor, Dating Your Mom, and also a great work of Americana, Great Plains, and he's worth your while.

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