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Hello Mr. Keillor, I've had

December 22, 2004 |

Hello Mr. Keillor,
I've had a crush on Rich Dworsky for awhile now, for singing the marvelous ketchup song and the Jewish holiday songs, as well as being the bandleader, right? (In my naivete I used to think that was you playing the piano for the opening theme.) But then I heard Pat Donohue sing "That'll Be Alright" on November 6 and that "ah-hah" of his near the end of the song sent shivers down my spine. You know them both so tell me, who should I develop my innocent crush on? And when will you invite Billy Collins back in, so we Bronxites can brag?

Rina Sanej
The Bronx

Rina, Rich is the unmarried guy in the Shoe Band so if the thought of availability stimulates your fantasy, then you'd want to choose him. And being a pianist, he's naturally more of a romantic figure (think Chopin, Liszt, Gershwin, Peter Duchin, Professor Longhair — forget Glenn Gould). And he's a terrific salsa dancer. Pat is married to Susan, the father of Daisy, and though he gets very sportive and limber during his guitar numbers, and has some great moves, I doubt that he's a great ballroom dancer. (He used to be in the brick business, after all.) Rich loves New York, by the way, and has Broadway ambitions. As for Billy Collins, we'll get right on the case — any other Bronxite you want us to invite? The show is back in the city in April, so think hard.

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