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Hi Garrison, I have seen

December 8, 2004 |

Hi Garrison,
I have seen your show twice in NYC. I went to try to get tickets, and saw you were not coming to NYC this Christmas??? Are you ok, is it because your daughter is in school? Why did you skip NYC this year?

Ken in Ridgefield, CT

We're in St. Paul for December this year, Ken, because it's easier for our staff. PHC is put out by a rather small clump of people and we try not to pound on them too hard, especially the production crew which does all the heavy lifting. (And, theoretically, I was going to use the fall to overhaul the show a little, so what did I do? I went and got up to my dewlaps in campaign stuff — so much for well-laid plans.) But I miss New York in December. My wife and I are heading out there for a few days next week to take our long Christmas walk down Madison and up Fifth and see the Christmas tree at the Met and take in a play. The show comes to Town Hall in April for four Saturdays and we'll take a poll whether to come in April or December. My daughter is, of course, in school through most of December and would hate to miss school — and I hate being away from her. Maybe we could enroll her at P.S. 95 as a one-month exchange student. She feels quite at home in New York, being a child who loves to eat in restaurants and who can sit quietly through a two-hour show — she recently attended Madame Butterfly and seemed quite absorbed throughout, and when she was five, she had a big time at "Thoroughly Modern Millie". (She did sleep through some of the first act, but napping through the slow parts is a New York skill.) And of course the Radio City Christmas Spectacular was enormous for her. She had the good fortune to see the Rockettes at a performance in which one Rockette accidentally kicked off her shoe. Priceless.

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