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Dear Garrison, Did you ever

December 6, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
Did you ever have to give a witty response (to the many unromantic, pessimistic Minnesotans out there) when questioned about your remarriage, and if so, what was the response?


People in Minnesota tend not to ask strangers about their personal lives unless there's an issue — e.g. if you dumped garbage on somebody's lawn, they might ask you where you were brought up. And I didn't make a big announcement of my remarriage. But I disagree about Minnesotans being unromantic or pessimistic. (I know you qualified it with "many".) We are hopeful and adventurous people, by and large, and intrepid travelers, and the ability to travel and be at home in strange circumstances makes us good candidates for marriage. The rules for marriage are the same as those for lifeboat passengers: stay in your place, no sudden moves, and keep all disastrous thoughts to yourself. And if one lifeboat sinks, then you find another one.

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