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Hello Mr. GK! I first

December 1, 2004 |

Hello Mr. GK!

I first heard your show on I-10 near the Louisiana border headed to New Orleans from Houston when I was sixteen. My mother and father are Pentecostal missionaries, and we were raising funds to go to Botswana. It was a wonderfully strange time for me. As a Houston hometown boy I didn't really want to go overseas and leave all my friends behind but I didn't have a choice. So I was enduring the hardship, so to speak, of traveling with the family and being away from all that I was familiar with. I was fiddling around with the car radio dial and landed upon an NPR station and you were having the annual Joke Show. The family loved it and we laughed until we almost cried. Several times we almost lost the show due to traveling but we were always able to find another broadcasting station as soon as the one we were listening to faded. It was a heavenly moment. Since then I have been a fairly faithful listener in between stints to countries abroad. I have changed much since that sixteen-year-old boy; traveling out has done wonders for my mind and soul. I am back in Houston though for how long I am not sure. My only question is will you ever get this far south? Hope to see you down here someday!

Zach Long

I see by the calendar that I'm to be in Port Arthur early next year, but that's solo, without the show, just me, talking. We've done a few shows in Texas, years ago, and I suppose we will again, but this year we're delighted to be spending more time in St. Paul. I love St. Paul for a lot of reasons not worth trying to explain and at the moment find it a comforting place to be. And I have a child who is just starting to understand jokes, so there's a responsibility to stay home and tell them. Glad that travel did your mind and soul good.

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